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Buy or build in Civ5?

I've been looking at the captured Cities and most of them have little in them. I've also been pondering my frustration at some of the A1 civs - how can they build so many troops, be so far ahead of me in tech, and have $10,000s of cash when I'm broke? I kind of think they aren't building things, except troops, and have their City productions set to all Cash, all Science, or all Culture. I think I'm going to try that next game, just set the cities to wealth and buy the buildings instead of building. Anyone Doing that now?

Currently I'm locked in a War with America on level 5. We each own roughly half the Small Pangea map. 4 other Civs are Conquered (France, China, India and Siam). It's been a long War, about 2000 years. I killed his Scout very early in the game and he simply refuses to make Peace with me. He got Infantry, Fighters, Destroys and Nukes before I did but I got Tanks and Artillery before him - hmmm. He also had enough Cash to Allie with every City-State, How the heck did he do that? Now he's nuking me after I take his Cities, nuking his own former Cities... Sheikago, Teran Fransisco, Seattola (I'm Persia and re-name his cities). He has me Stalemated for now.
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What difficulty are you playing? I know the AI get some bonuses depending on difficulty, happiness and I'm thinking a lump sum of gold at the beginning that they spend as they choose. I also believe when you capture a city some buildings are razed. I'm not totally sure if that's true, its just a theory I have, but I've run across the same thing you have because they seem to have thriving civilizations even with only a few improved tiles at each city and one or two buildings in their cities. I think this is why some players say to raze your opponents cities and settle your own new city in its place rather than annex them because annexed cities have the added maintenance cost of the courthouse but don't have a lot of buildings already there for you to use. It is frustrating watching the AI make mistakes all over the place like poor city placement or. not improving resources yet still remaining competitive with you. Oh well I'd rather they get wierd bonuses to keep them challenging than for every game to be a cake walk. It just wouldn't be fun then.
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Oh I didn't answer your question in my first post. I usually buy settlers early on rather than build them so my population growth doesn't take a hit then later on I'll buy troops as needed. I build most of my buildings, only buying happiness buildings occasionally when I need the quick bump to my happiness. I don't usually start investing heavily in city states until the renaissance when my gold production is a lot stronger. I usually shoot for other victory types but 9 out of 10 times I'll just go domination before I win another way.
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I didn't really investigate this, but I would say that direct production must be more efficient than producting wealth and buing everything. After all, you are turning only part of the hammers into gold, it's not 1:1.

I personaly am buying settlers (because they stop growth when build), usually workships (very cheap and I often want them asap), sometimes workers (I also want them asap) and military units when I need them (suddenly attacked by an neighbour).

Later in the game when I have a lot of gold, I may also buy some initial buildings in new cities to help them grow faster, like lighthouse, workshop, temple etc.
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