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Question about demesne (region) control

I'm enjoying, if far from understnading this game, so many questions that i can't seem to find the answers too anywhere.

But for starters how do you increase the amount of regions you actually directly control?

I'm playing as Scotland (king) i have a demesne stat of 1/9 i belive that means i can diretly control 8 more regions before i start hitting penitles.

But how do i bring some of these regions (or newly conqourd others) under my direct control.

Any help would be hugly appriciated.
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Demense specifically counts all castles, cities, and churches (each is called a Holding) under your direct control. If you control the capitol (the top-most holding on the county's window), then you are the Count of that county as well. The Duke, King, and Emperor titles don't have any specific location associated with them, but they can move their center of power to any Holding they own.

Increasing your Demense is part of the fun of CK2, without going over the limit (or not going over too much, if you feel like pushing your luck). This can be done in a number of ways:

Forging Claim: This is a mission for your Chancellor, and generally is the slowest way to claim territory. But it works fairly well if you use it right. Once a Claim is forged, it usually is only good for one county, and has to be followed up, militarily or with revoking.

Revoke Claim: You use this on people in your own country, and can be a quick and dirty way to expand your demense. Keep in mind that this is usually a Tyrant move, and will anger everyone under you. The two exceptions is if the person you're Revoking from is a Traitor, meaning he took up arms against you, Or you have a claim on that county. He'll still be very angry, but everyone else will be ok with it.

Holy War/Crusade: Really only an option if you're neighbors to Muslims or Pagans. This is straight-up conquoring of territory, and if you win you get entire counties, including all holdings, under your direct control. Keep in mind, if your primary capitol is a Castle, you can only control other Castles without incurring economic penalties. It's suggested to hand out Cities and Churches to loyal courtiers with no other titles to avoid this. But, obviously, this is not a real option for Scotland. Distant lands tend to rebel a lot.

Inheritance: Kinda tricky, but potentially very effective. Basically, you have to marry into the family that owns the holding, then either wait for your sons/daughters to get the title, or use some carefully-targeted assassinations to make it happen. As long as nobody catches you doing anything bad, nobody will speak out against you.

That's pretty much the various options available to you, as least those I can recall.

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