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Game Crashes once i load a save

So every time i load a save (through continue or load game) as soon as the loading bar gets to the end the game crashes. I tried redownloaded and checking the integrity of the files, still same issue. I can start a new game and then once i save and go to load that save it just crashes. Tried 3 different save files.

A few Specs:

Win7 64
GTX 580
i7 2600k
8gb 2x4 gskill 1600mhz
ocz 750w psu
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Weird. I know those crashes appeared if there are some issues with mods or because of messed up oblivion.ini file. When you reinstall game, do you delete that oblivion folder in my documents/games?(maybe the configuration files are corrupted. I don't think they are removed when you delete the game from steam)
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Try the solutions from here
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