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Lightbulb Parking Dash

Parking Dash
By PlayFirt
A 2008 realeased game.
Version 12.00 sell by Steam.

I have buy this game by Steam.
I not speak english; the game is full english speak.
This is smal game, verry small, but all player need understand what is say in.
  • After 15mn of play it... i stop.
  • Search in stream if have patch for go in my language.. no have.
  • Search in PlayFirt.. PlayFirt not have this game in the official-website ?
  • Search in web,, have free version of this game, but in english.
    I looking one version (the 11.99), testing for 1 hour, in my language speak ! COOL i understandthe game for fist time !
    But, happy end,, 1 hour after.
I searching in game folder, i save all the text of the 11.99 version, and delet this trail-version... i start the moddification of the 12.00 files for translat all by the old file. The game, use modd language, running good in Steam.
I not end the modd works at the hour.(i working line by line)

Im verry happy.. i pay game, and need work for use this in language of i understand, working because the last version what Steam have not have the language of old version of the same game!

you like take my version of the file language 11.99 -> 12.00 for craat patch if other player of me contry need understand the same game ?

Peace And Play
Good day

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