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I haven't had any better or worse stability since the update. If you are experiencing that, then it may have to do with mods needing to be updated, or removed, or moved in your load order; or it may be from a corrupt file.

That said, if you use SKSE, you do need to update that to the latest version after every Skyrim update. I do that automatically myself, so its never an issue. Also, one of the side effects of depending on the Skyrim workshop to install mods is that updates can happen without your knowledge if you do not keep an eye on what's happening when you launch the game.

In any case, 1.5 definitely has some problems, particularly with the graphics. But for stability issues, I'd check elsewhere first.
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I had crashes.

Now I can't even get a save to load. On loading a save it crashes to desktop and when I try to start a new game it just shows me the icon at the main menu and keeps playing the music.

Only option is to alt tab out and close it.
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I regen'd a new .ini, simply by deleting the old one.

it's a bit more stable, but still kinda fail.

I went from a CTD every 15 mins. or so to one in 1.5 hrs, which is better.

But I had not had CTD since like vanilla, or maybe 1.1.

Ughhhh, at least I can play tho.
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since the damn patch all my savegames r corrupt.. i play from start to withrun 6 IN TIMES since the patch was released -.- and after i get the quest from balgruuf i cant play..save...load: crash..savefile .. . i dont want to play the same damn START again and and again and again
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I must say I'm encountering these CTDs on transition too.
CTDs happend to me only a couple of times before this new patch (on 400 hours of gameplay).

And, like the guy that said he skipped the fight with the giant spider, I noticed that if you take a different pattern before transitioning the CTD doen't occur.

For example [SPOILERS in the example]:
I kept CTD on the conquest of Solitude. After Ulfic gave his speech to the Stormcloaks before beginning the attack, every time I tried entering Solitude I would CTD.
So I decided to wait for Ulfric and ALL of the Stormcloaks to enter and then I could enter without any problem.

Same thing with exiting from Riften: instead of going straight for the gates I would stop to pick up a flower and the gates would cause no CTD.
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Actually I lied, I said 1/2 hour to hour. I'm losing it. It's 10 - 20 minutes before crashing, and only between fast travel or traveling through doors.
Is ANYONE in support reading this thread???
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Originally Posted by David_Basinger View Post
Is ANYONE in support reading this thread???
Actually, no. This forum is unrelated to Bethesda and Steam support requires a direct inquiry to their support team. This is not a Steam issue as far as I can tell.

I myself only had CTD's after I altered the Ugrids to load in the ini. settings. It was 2 months ago and none of the subsequent patches have had any detrimental effects on my game.

What I see on these forums are mostly problems that originate with how people alter their vanilla games.

Ini. tweaks, mods, driver issues, or even substandard hardware are all typical root causes. The best thing to do sometime is start from scratch.

Make sure your hardware is not overheating and is well beyond min. required.

Reinstall the game using the methods that eliminate all trace elements.

I realize how frustrating it is but be patient there is always an answer.
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Laaadies and gentlemen

Crashfix posibility

Exit Steam entirely.

Browse to your Skyrim installation folder (Usually C:\Program files\Steam\Steamapps\common\skyrim\)

Run the following installers:

...\Steamapps\common\skyrim\DotNetFX\dotnetfx35set up.exe
...\Steamapps\common\skyrim\VCRedist\vcredist_x86. exe

Reboot your computer and test any issues again.
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