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Wink Customizing the config.xml

Hello I got the game yesterday, I had played it before around the time it originally released on older hardware.

Now with the new... well I hate this mechanism the game have :P
I followed that http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=1167638 about adding the GPU and CPU and make them to take a rate of 20.
Started the game to make sure it have everything set at max.
Then I changed the resolution at the config, I'm about to change the FOV to fit the widescreen now in game from this http://widescreengamingforum.com/dr/...-2-shadow-wars
Also I will try to make read only the config.xml to make sure the game is not gonna change settings at will.

So... is there anything else? :P

By the way if anyone is interested and want to add max settings at the config.xml here are my values for the graphics only (don't delete the xml and add only this):
<vismain optionshadowmapfilter="2" optionshadowobjects="1" optionshadowmap="1" optionenableskydome="1" optiontexturesizebias="0.000000000" optionwaterquality="2" optionenablegrass="1" optionenableautoexposure="1" optionenableglow="1" optionterraintextureanisotropy="16" optionenableflatshades="1" filtermaxdistance="225.000000000" optiongama="1.000000000" optionrenderdigits="1" optionrenderfiguredamagedigits="1" optionrenderbuildingdeliverdigits="1" optionlighting="1" optionfog="1" optionrenderhealthbars="1" optionrenderdonuts="1" optionautolighting="1" />
I still try to figure out how to make it work at 60 Hz screen refresh, I guess I will just force Vsync from catalyst panel if I will not figure out.

I tried to change the value above but the game doesn't start.

if you screw the file up, just delete it and start the game

I hope this helps, because once I arrived here for help the above topics were scattered around the forum
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