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Pilgrimage / reset Infamy repeatable?

So the Pilgrimage quest, where you visit each wayshrine to advance on the Knights of the Nine DLC, resets your infamy to 0. I joined the Theives Guild, unknowingly having it increase my infamy, and also managed to get invited to the Dark Brotherhood simply by following the Fighters Guild questline honourably...

My question is, is the Pilgrimage quest repeatable, or only allowed to be done once? I might go and do the Thieves guild quests and then just go and reset my infamy afterwards, but I wanted to get the Crusaders Relics first. After I get all of the Crusaders Relics, or even complete the first Pilgrimage quest, is it possible to reset your infamy just by visiting the wayshrines again? Or how does it work? Is it at any time in the game?
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You can always do a pilgrimage to reset your infamy. After the first time, it won't be an official quest anymore, but activating one shrine of each of the Nine will reset your infamy and allow you to wield the relics again. Makes it a good idea to hold onto the shrine map.
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