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Some feedback for Remedy :D

Hey guys at Remedy!

Thanks so much for the SLI profile! Have been waiting since day one to play this in SLI, even if I had played it on xbox already, I still couldn't wait to play it again. I just have some quick contructive feedback concerning performance in SLI.

Firstly I always monitor my CPU and GPU while playing games. Specifically what I monitor is: CPU load, GPU load, GPU temps and VRAM. For the most part, SLI works quite well with the just released SLI profile. With my setup I can run it at above 60fps 90% of the time. The only time it dips below 60fps is at times I cannot explain. Even though keeping a close eye on my CPU and GPU with nothing going over its maximum load, the framrate will still occasionally drop to as low as 40fps. One example is when firing a flare; While the CPU and GPU not at maximum load the framerate will drop. Also occasionally the primary GPU will reach its maximum load and my secondary card will only be around 70-75% load, which at these times the fps will drop. Best way I could describe it is it feels like the GPU load becomes out of sync. I don't know why this is happening.

My specs:

Intel i7 quadcore 3.1 OC @ 4.2ghz
Gigabyte GA X58 1366 USB3
6gb kingston RAM @ 1333
2x SLI GTX560 Ti OC 900mhz 1gb

I know everyone at Remedy have worked so hard on the game, and even more for the SLI update and having to deal with a frustrating communication problem with nVidia. I just wish to provide some constructive feedback with the hopes of seeing some more SLI optimizations for the game.

Oh almost forgot, Just another small bug, I think it may have been addressed already but not sure, when using a xbox controller, and having 'direct aiming?' off, the camera shoulder position still does stay on the side you choose. It will swap shoulder positions depending on how fast you swing the camera from side to side. With direct aiming on the camera stays on the shoulder you leave it at.

Hope to hear back from Markus, or just at the very least hope someone at Remedy sees this and try whatever they can about it.

Otherwise cheers for a great game!!
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Remedy Games
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I don't think there are really any more pure SLI optimizations to gain. The dips are something else - exactly what, I don't know either. The load naturally varies according to what gets rendered, and in some cases it's CPU dependent, and in others GPU dependent. The % CPU/GPU meters also are typically not frame level accurate, but update every second or so (which may be 20 or 100 frames).
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Hi Markus, Thanks for replying.

After having played the game even more now, the dips are getting even more rare, so maybe I was getting a little too pedantic about the performance. Absolutely loving playing the game again on the PC. Can I ask the situation for Alan's Nightmare concerning if its going to be released on PC??

Big cheers.
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