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Arrow Arcania: Gothic 4... Initial Questions / Game Freeze?

Original title should read 'Finished Games!'

Original message removed. I finished the game. There is no point imo playing the game if you value adventuring with a meaningful ending to the game/story--there was none but the most confusing cut-off to a game I've ever seen. I've finished the DLC too and that helped tie things together better but likewise its ending battle was too abrupt. Lots of shoulda...woulda...coulda...but didn't.

Most all of the hack and slash dungeon crawl was fun and doable without much difficulty which is something I liked. Including the DLC I got around 70 gaming hours killing everything that moved, and I tried to look into every nook and cranny but didn't do a very good job of that. There are four quests in the main story to seek out 30 items in each quest. I found all but four in one and 3/4ths in a second and just over half in the last two. I have no idea where the missed ones were. If I knew I would have spent time trying to get to them. The huge problem doing this was that attempts to jump around to reach what you think might be a reachable place to find something there in hiding was dangerous. Many many times the character would get stuck or would slide off a cliff and die.

Time to move on to something new...

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There is no point to use a cooking pot, its all for show.

manual is here Steam/steamapps/common/ArcaniaGothic4/docs

I have not encountered many freezes in this game at all (about 20 hours so far)

Havn't tried a 360 controller for this one, but I'm sure its some-what practical since this game is (i believe) on 360 as well.

I keep my mini-map off, but not sure what would cause the draw glitch, but you have the right idea of trying an older save.
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Sorry I edited my original questions 'soundcreepy' but I was in a bad mood and now I've finished both games.

I can't say I'm looking forward to seeing 'Gothic 5' or anything just like it. I think the next dev should try something new, finish the story completely, polish it, beta test it, and then release it for sale. Wishful thinking? This sort of tale has been told a million different ways--You don't have to do a 'Gothic 5' or a 'Risen' series that ties to 'Gothic'. Let it go and start clean--just don't let your publisher push you around!

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