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Games like Dear Esther

so what games you know like Dear Esther? with that atmosphere
i know:
-- The Path -red riding hood adventures, atmospheric and story is cool
-- Myst - especially last one, End of Ages. it's beautiful and with puzzles
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The original S.T.A.L.K.E.R game also had a similarly eerie atmosphere, especially at the start when you didn't know what to expect. Fallout 3, in some parts of the map, is also quite special.

However, the spectacular location of Dear Esther and the special feeling it generates is hard to beat. I'd like to see more!
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Have you played any of the Myth Series?
Similar in some ways to Amnesia, it's more of a point and click adventure but, the images are very atmospheric and engaging. They are not in any way stills.

The Myth series games are very enveloping and are full of puzzles, as you have to find out in each game what you are doing in the location you find yourself.
Although I have to warn you to be patient with the games, it will challenge your skills of observation, memory and problem solving.

You may find yourself walking away from the game a couple of times steaming at being stuck but, stick at it.

The list of Myth Series Games:

-Myth III

And I'm not entirely sure but I think I heard there was a forth one.
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It's Myst. Not Myth.
There are 5 Myst games.
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Yes, I can second that recommendation for Myst. Games 1 through 4 are really awesome, the fifth one is not quite as great but still pretty well worth the time to play it.

If you haven't played Uru:Live yet, there is quite a few more Myst worlds to explore there. It's multiplayer and online, but now is completely free to play. The multiplayer is a mixed bag but for the most part if you just be honest and explain you are new people in the community won't spoil anything for you.
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