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Hello all AussieBrad here,
Im just going to openley apologise for the last week while playing online in Assault Squad. I purchased the game hoping to find a replacement fix for Company of Heroes with something more realistic but enjoyable and not a rush and capture

I defiently found what I was looking for and especially my very first game of a large scale battle was mightey impressive with the mixture of heavy close to close infantry and tank fighting in a city. Unfortunitley your never going to be %100 happy, so I In advance you have probably played with me and havent enjoyed it!

Once again, though Im sorry I try and play this as realistcley as I can? Hope you understand. So next time you decide to yell and call me every name under the sun just because I dint want to send a tank colum up a MAIN road to get wiped out...THINK please.

Overall Im loving the game! Im still like ALOT of people learning new tactics formatins etc.. So if you see me in the game or hosting one please join up and enjoy it

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