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Brand New at Rome Total War and need help plz...

Hey all, Just picked up Total War Rome and like it a lot! But, I am a noob and need some serious help. Hence the reason why I came here...

My questions are:

1- EWhen playing the prologue tutorial and i syart taking Settlements do I leave my Govenor/Main guy there to build certain thing? Because if I do How to go claim other settlements in the alloted ammount of turns the senate gives me?

2- After I take a settlement and leave to attack another one the town I just left starts to riot and I have no idea why. How do I keep the town calm and make gold to pay for my armies etc. What is Squal and the other things that make people unhappy and how do I fix these things to keep peace and have no riots or revolt? Is there any good youtube videos on how to start this game that shows step by step what to do so I can get a grasp on this game? Thanks all.

P.S. Sorry for the noob questions...
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To make the people happy make the tax as high as you can until it goes under 100 in happiness. That will give you money. Also when you get a settlement massacre them (last option) it gives you money and lessens the population so its not so hard to keep them happy.

Squalor happens when there are too many people and its unclean. So do as I said above about massacre and make sure you build sewers etc. You also need a certain number of units in a settlement to keep the order. Anything under a 1000 people in a settlement should have 4-5 units. More people should have more units.

A technique I have is when the settlement has too many people I bring my army out of the settlement, let Rebels take over, retake the settlement and then massacre. Yes, I'm mean
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