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Just a small question

Maybe a stupid question but is it actually possible to collect everything in Neptune 7? Some spots seem like you can't possibly collect everything and should just go for what gets the most points. Just wondering for when I have to come back for that S rank.
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Neptune 7 you say...

I know that a 100% is not a literal 100% but more of a 'this is the best possible score you are expected to be able to achieve', so you can hit 100% and miss a stray orb for instance, but probably only one and the 'right' one at that.

But now i'm going to have to go look at Neptune 7 to see what you are talking about...

So my answer is, no idea, but now I'm curious too?
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Bit of a bump, but arrakeyn was right - it is possible to score 100% on this level, but it doesn't require you to physically collect every light orb.

In fact, I even took damage once and still got 100% - the hardest part in my opinion is the rotating mirrors with the blue / green rings, followed by the green trace wave circled by rotating dark matter.. took me many, many attempts to find safe passage through there.

The highest I managed was 116950 out of 92500, or 126%.
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