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Guild Wars Still Worth The Purchase?

I have never played Guild Wars before, but after watching some videos of Guild Wars 2, I am getting pretty excited about it's release. It looks like it has the potential to be an excellent game. Is it worth it to buy the original Guild Wars (trilogy) now so soon before the sequel is released? Should I just wait for Guild Wars 2 or is it worth the time and the $30 for the original? Please try to make your responses to this question as unbiased as possible. Thanks.

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We have at least 3-4 months before GW2 is released so if you're just looking for something to fill the gap then I think it would be worth it. You'll also get special rewards for GW2 for completing certain objectives within GW.

I just want to point out that GW and GW2 are nothing alike, so you might want to do some research or maybe take look at the free trial before actually buying the game.
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The game is definitely worth it, no matter how old the game is or how many people still play it. If you have no other game to play until GW2 launches, GW1 will provide hours of fun before it comes out.
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Even if you also play GW2, both games are different enough to enjoy both.

And since GW1 has a much faster pace, you can take longer breaks from it.

As long as people play it they won't shut it down, so I recommend to try it out, and get it if you like it.

It's not as if one can't enjoy previous titles after playing the last one.
Look at the final fantasies, they practically remake the rules with each title, yet all of them have their own fun...
...well, they last way less than GW.

A FF can be finished in less than 90 hours. One can play over 8000 in GW1 and still have fun.
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Doctor Von Fost
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Honestly,in a four year period of how long I own GW I came around 8 times back to it.I rwcently started playing it again,and it feels like nothing has changed.
Well except maybe me getting a lot better in PvP.
Anyway,the game is worth buying,its an excellent masterpiece,probably the best game I ever played.There is so much to explore,even I get dazzled sometimes by some locations I never even knew existed,until Nicholas went there so I needed to get the gifts
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Originally Posted by MithranArkanere View Post
A FF can be finished in less than 90 hours. One can play over 8000 in GW1 and still have fun.
I have over 8,000 hours on Guild Wars and still go on almost every day to play and say hi to my friends. With other games I consider them good if I play more than 100 hours.

As others have said, regardless of it's age, it's an awesome game. The more you play it, the better it gets. Just buy it.
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GW1 is a fantastic game but it's getting pretty old. I would watch some Youtube videos before deciding to buy it. Many mechanics and concepts in GW2 are not present at all in GW1.
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Only if you care about HoM and enjoyed the demo
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