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A player's review of Trine 2

I am writing this just after having beat Trine 2.

Trine 2 is a puzzle side-platformer. It brings me back memories of side-scroller games of the 90s (Duke Nukem 1 and 2, Zool, etc). But the Trine games stands out beautifully, grapically.

I played Trine 1 and really loved it so much I decide to buy Trine 2.

It took me 13 hours to finish Trine 2. I play slowly and attempted to collect all the orbs as I could. Trine 1 took me 9 hours.

I ran this game on a 4 years old computer. A computer I built back in 2008. Q6600 cpu, 4gb ram, GTX275, win7 64bit, 2 monitors. Ran this game on maximum with out any choppiness at all.

I had problems fighting some difficult enemies but as I progressed, I solve the problems by working out which character is suitable for fighting them. Once that is out the way, future encounters are a breeze.

I rate this game a full 10 out of 10 on metacritic. well deserved

I appluade FrozenByte for a well made and fun and rewarding side-scroller adventure game and I look forward to their next sequel if they decide to create one.
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We played Trine 2 as three player online coop. It is not difficult but brought us very much fun.
The Story is quite stupid, but it holds the levels together.
I also would give 10/10 because it is just a beautiful game wich made the whole time fun.
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The art direction is beautiful, astonishing even.
It is worth to just hold on for a minute, and take in all
the details, you missed, when you advanced through the levels.

This is a game which was made with much love, not only to detail,
with much love in itself, for games, it reminds you of the old
Interplay slogan 'By gamers, for gamers'.

The story is tongue in cheek, without getting too silly,
it is a smart humour, not the 'in your face' kind.
That is so very refreshing.

Trine 2 is game, that takes you serious, it's not of
the games, where you have the feeling, the creators
think their audience is stupid, which happens much
too often these days.

I just upgraded to soundtrack. While I was talking with
someone on the door, Trine 2 was paused, and after
returning to it, after half an hour, it was playing
in the background. I can imagine enough occasions,
may it a pen&paper role-playing meeting, reading
a book, having it playing in the back ground.

The mechanics have been refined since the prequel.
I like it, that you don't have to refill your 'magic',
and you are able redistribute skills as necessary.

It is not too difficult, but it is a challenge.
There are these fine situations in games, where
when you solved them, after trying to find out,
what is going on for a quarter of an hour, you
laugh about yourself, not seeing it immediately.

It's never getting tedious, or annoying. And should
you really feel, you're getting stuck, there's an
option for hints, by your protagonists, which you
can enable in the menu. It has even a timer, that
let's you decide how long you are willing to try
to solve a puzzle, before getting help.

I have bought some games in the past months, but
I feel my money got it's most worth out of Trine 2.
It's a fine and decent game, seldom you have gameplay,
art, style and humour going this well together.

I'm playing games since the C-64 and Atari 2600, and miss
these games, where gameplay is the important factor. And it
proves, that these kinds of games aren't dead, and that
beautiful graphics don't meant a game has to be shallow.
It is a question of the direction, and Frozen Byte did
something right here.

Should you have been undecided, and on the verge for buying
Trine 2, I can just wholeheartedly recommend it to you.

Of course, it has to be your kind of game,
as it is always with games.
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Graphics are amazingly detailed. I go to new areas and just stop to look around at stuff for the first 2 minutes.

Combat is pretty poor and it would be cool if there were more character abilities to add new ways to solve/make puzzles.

I am 5 hours in but so far its really enjoyable but can get fustrating in places.

9/10 from me.
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Indeed, the gameplay and graphics are stunning. I'm up to the third level in the game, I have been stuck major-ly a couple of times with puzzles but on the whole they're straightforward. Online co-op is good giving this game good replay-ability. Yes, it reminds me of the old side-scrolling games on the Commodore 64 (C-64). Trine 2 is superior to all of them.

Can't wait for Trine 3 in 2013 (hint hint Frozenbyte developers!)
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