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Problem with multiple controllers

I was trying to setup rayman origins so it would be possible to play with two controllers. I have an xbox 360 controller (wired) and... [errmmm...] a ps2-like one. When I connect only one of them it works great regardless of the controller. But if I connect both, curiously only the ps2-like controller works as if the xbox one was disconnected! I have tried setting up the xbox 360 one as default on the control panel (I use windows 7 btw) but still nothing.
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Solved. I simply used an xinput emulator for the generic gamepad and the game recognized both controllers. Apparently it cant deal with xinput and directinput simultaneously.
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Ralp: That worked perfectly for me, thank you!

I had a similar problem with a Logitech Dual Action and Logitech F310 gamepads (you can switch between the xinput and directinput on this one).

Using the F310 in xinput would not work, the game would not recognize one of the gamepads.

Using the F310 in directinput would work, but with a twist. The Dual Action could do diagonal movement, while the F310 could not. This made the water levels (and catching that tricky treasure, the bastard!) really difficult.

I got X360 CE, turned my F310 into directinput, and everything worked flawlessly. I forgot to copy the X360 CE files into the game's root directory first, but once I did, everything was great.

Still, I hope they can fix some of these problems in the patch. I can understand some inherent problems with two gamepads on a PC, but not being able to move diagonally is just plain annoying!
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