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Will Steam Install 64-Bit Version of Games

I'm currently running Windows 7 x64. Steam automatically installed as a x86 program, from which I understand is the only version at the moment (I may be wrong). I was wondering when I install games I've purchased through Steam if it will install the 64-bit versions if available?
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yea, nothing to worry about
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Game installation works with according to your OS, always.
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Problem is, there are very few 64-bit games. Crysis Warhead probably, and maybe a few more, but 99,9999999999999999999999% of games have 32-bit version only, and that's what will be installed.
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If the game runs and supports 64bit it will automatically allocate to that, if you are running it.

I installed my Steam on a seperate folder on a seperate drive, did not do the program files install. Mine is custom and I am also running 64bit and games that support it with more ram is automatic from what I can tell.

Take Metro 2033 for example. It requires like 7GB of ram or something mad like that, and it works perfect without any configure.
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This has been discussed

1) Steam only has a 32bit version. There is absolutely no need for Steam to have a 64-bit version. It does not make it 'better faster stronger' by making it 64-bit. It would only be able to address more memory. If Steam is taking up more than 4GB, something else is wrong.

2) Steam installs 64bit executables IF the developer makes one available.
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