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Mama's boy vs Dark boy vs Spelunker boy

1) Why is Mama's boy allegedly easier?

Is it that people find mom harder than mom's heart? Or the womb levels are easier on average because of rooms you can do safely with practice (e.g. "mirror" Isaacs).

I got Mama's boy second after basement boy, admittedly, but I think having mega-, homing Dr. Fetus bombs helped Almost as lucky as if I'd found a shovel and the emperor tarot.

2) I actually got Spelunker boy last, and found it harder: it had less time to reroll items, and only one opportunity for a devil room to get lord of the pit. I thought this one was more about lucky items, followed by skill, rather than the later two, where you can use your skill to generate enough 'lucky' items over a longer period of time. By the end of the caves, my characters with the D6 are usually extremely lethal.
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Dark boy is harder (in my view) because:
1) mom is a hard boss to beat without taking damage, not because of the foot or enemies keep spawning but because of getting to close to a door gets you a nice facepalm.

2)Hharder enemies then in the caves and less items then in the womb

4) Those F'ing leapers and stone turrets.

Then again, a my little unicorn/gamekid + 9 volt + battery is always a winning combo

Or you can use the shovel on the 1st level and a "the emperor" card on the 2nd and hope for the best.

Proof that it works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acz6BnkDp0c
Not my vid btw

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1) both. Mom is significantly harder than Mom's Heart. shes even harder than It Lives too. the Basement is also harder.

the Womb is generally filled with large open rooms, whereas the Basement has lots of pits blocking your path. the Womb has no pits. you can dodge a lot easier in the Womb. the Womb enemies do a lot more damage making them seem harder. however, they are significantly easier to dodge than some of the Basement foes. i almost never get hit in the Womb as a result. i almost always get hit in the Basement.

2) reroll items? youre doing it wrong. its best to go straight to the boss and not explore on a no damage run. the Womb is more conducive for this behavior. there are no items, therefore there is no reason to explore. it drives you straight to the boss, which is what you should be doing anyway.
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Spelunker Boy CAN be harder than both.
You don't have that many items + caves can contain leapers and Peep.

Mum + Heart are a 1 hit kill with the Bible. No sweat here.

My actual winning combo for Mama and Dark Boy was Lord of the Pit + Brimstone + Bible.
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from hardest to easiest

dark boy -> spelunker boy -> mamas boy -> basement boy

leapers and stone statues can hit you at stupid spots

also mom is the hardset boss in the game to take no damage due to her hand

the problem with spelunker boy no damage is that there are rooms YOU ALWAY take damage (if you don´t have enough damage or can fly)

the small ways with the maggots on it and the grid where two globins rush you left and right

by the time your at the womb you ether have enough damage and emperors card /map to skip most problems
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By the time you hit Womb, you have a bunch of powerups, like Compass, Spider Bite, Emperor, Bible, etc.
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