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CD Keys no longer work!

I just re-installed Settlers 7 to play it again and UPlay now says my CD Key has already been registered..

Well of course it has! I already registered it to my uplay account when i first bought it!

Is anyone else having this issue?
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Yes same here enter my key says its already in use on my account can't start the game
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I've got exactly the same problem, but i assume the problem is that the key is linked to a different Ubisoft account. Although i can't remember that username.

This might help:

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Same problem here... I think it's not an account related issue, I have only one UBI account with one mail, I have also reset the password so I'm sure about the account the key is binded to.
UBI crap.
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Same here.
I did´t buy the game on steam but i have the same problem.
It asks for the CD Key but says it´s already beeing used :\
I opened a ticket with ubi support, lets see what they can do
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