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Potential recreation of bug


Please find below details of a potential bug in the game when using hints.

Found on: Puzzle #3 of Trenquility.

Found on square: The blank pink square on the far right column of the left hand puzzle in the 4th row, and it's counterpart on the right hand puzzle.

Potential recreation:
I populated the left hand side with the number 3 in error at some point. Then used the Solving Tip button to check my work, and the tip stated I'd filled in this square incorrectly as expected.
The arrow pointed to the left hand puzzle, which is where I had populated the number.
I used the X to remove the number 3 from the grid. At this point, I was then stuck, so clicked on 'Solving Tip'.
This time, the arrow points to the counterpart on the right, stating that I jumped to a conclusion with this square, even though I had removed the 3 from the left side.
I added the 3 to the right hand side, and removed it again, hoping to use it as a walkaround for the bug, but upon clicking on 'Solving Tip' the problem repeats in reverse, showing the left hand side as incorrectly populated, when it is in fact now not populated with any defined numbers.

Exiting the puzzle, and then reopening it does resolve the issue. However this can be recreated by the above steps.

Additionally, I have now recreated the issue on Serenity #16 and another puzzle for Trenquility, so I would assume this recreatable on puzzles with two 'sides' to them.

If you require any more information, or a walk through example with screen shots, please let me know and I'd be happy to provide these for you.
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The developers have said that the "hint" system is not as well constructed as it could be, so the fact that there is a problem with the hint mechanism is not surprising. A lot of people have pointed out bugs in the help system, and they have not as yet been repaired. Myself, I have found multiple issues with the "go back to just before first mistake" part of the Help function on hidden-cage puzzles, and have reached the point of not really trusting them. On a hidden cage, generally now I will reset the puzzle and start over, rather than let the hint mechanism reset to where it thinks I went astray.
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Those of us who never make mistakes and so never use the hint system don't get to see these bugs.

As Chazz the Elder said, what the OP describes is a known bug in the hint system. Double boards and hidden cages seem to confuse it. In one of the easier 5x5 puzzles it won't matter much, you can probably figure out for yourself where you went wrong. When solving larger puzzles, you've already stumbled onto the workaround solution: exit the game (which saves your current progress within the puzzle) and then restart; it seems to clear out whatever bad data was confusing the hint system.
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