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Game lockups with Fluyts

I recently started playing Empire Total War again after not having played it since the year it came out and it runs great on my Windows 7 rig with my new graphics card. However, clicking on the "board" button while sailing a Fluyt causes the game to lockup dead as a doornail. This also happens sometimes while sailing a Race-Built Galleon (actually it may happen all the time with that ship too I just have only tried it once because the ship blows chunks). Every other ship I've sailed works just fine. I never had this problem four years ago and so I'm assuming there's an issue with one of the patches. Anyone know a work around?

PS: Please, nobody tell me to monkey with my computer. I play a lot of games and this machine is flawless. Whatever this is, it isn't on my side.
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Never mind. Just had it happen when one of my Galleons was boarding a Fifth Rate. Soon as the hulls collide for boarding, game is locked up. I guess its just random and I happened to have been bit by it 5 or 6 times in a row with Fluytes. If the devs happen to be reading these forums: do you guys have ANY idea how annoying it is to spend a couple of hours a hair raising naval battle at "very hard" and finally have it go your way even though the odds were heavily against you and then have the game freeze up? And then imagine that happens at least once every session? How annoying would that be? This game is four years old, and that's one particular bug I never saw when the game first shipped so why is it in the game now? Worst. Job. Ever. On Empire Total War. I still remember it as the buggiest game I ever bought when it was new and to think I'm still having problems that make me want to bang my head against the wall after you guys released 2 other newer games and numerous add ones for Empire? Somebody needs to stop counting money and start supporting products. I've been a huge fan of Total War since Rome but there's no excuse for this mess after four years. None.
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I have an Intel I7 (runs great on I7 ! > NOT!!) processing standard 3,0 - 3,2ghz supported by 8 GB RAM and a Geforce GTX 470 graphicscard.

Have tried it months ago with the same system only supporting 4GB RAM less and it was sluggish even with updated drivers and patch.So I was like lets give it a go again . .

Guess what !? The game runs like **** after hours of playing. Especially when the stacks get bigger and your empire expands. I havent had these issues with Shogun 2 even playing on Ultra specs.
In battle the game begins to stutter very much as well !

I also put off the Anti Aliasing (which is also recommended at Shogun 2 for Nvidea cards) But no. No solution.

I heard that newer software of Nvidea cards where the big problem, but still its hilarious. . I even saw a Papal state flag in picture of one of my agents and have seen colour changes in the pannel and flag of Barbaric states. This game has much potential but is just too glitchy on the main side and should be stated as Empire Total War BETA if you ask me.

As a TW fan I am very dissapointed in this game for being the most glitchy one as it is.
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