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Night Vision on permanently

I'm playing a Khajit and i downloaded a mod to toggle night vision and have it last indefinitely. After toggling night vision on, it was stuck on. I went to unsubscribe from the mod to potentially fix my game but the mod has been taken off the workshop. Since them i have not been able to turn it and It's killing me! I can't go out during the day(In the game LOL) Any help is appreciated.
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Breton Warrior
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Problem is with not knowing exactly what the Mod actually added its hard to suggest delete this or that file. So lets try some basic stuff first, you said you tried to unsubscribe have you also tried doing that within the Skyrim Data Files?

There is a Delete Selected option at the bottom, so select that Mod and click the delete it should ask do you want to remove all associated files? Hopefully that will remove whatever it added that has messed up your game? Try that and also try an older save as your current one will most likely be corrupted.

Also check the sticky here about Steam Verify and replacing the Skyrim.INI and SkyrimPrefs.INI that may help. The Mod might? have tweaked the INI as well, unlikely but doing that will not do any harm, it will remove any INI tweaks you have made so be prepared for that. Oh and it will act as if it was the first time you have started the game and do a video card check.

Try that first, if no better please post again, BTW be prepared for a possible clean install, so favorite all your best Workshop Mods and do what ever you need to list etc what you have added, you will probably not be able to use any of your old saves if you have to do a clean install (best not to anyway).

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