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Originally Posted by Cappie.eVg View Post
steam may give you the option to start in offline mode if your internet is off...but it doesn't always work.
Looks like you have to be Online, switch to offline mode then exit Steam for your Next and subsequent sessions to be Offline.. until you want to go online again.

I will try this batch file out and see how it goes, thanks.
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My situation...

I am in Afghanistan, and the internet they provide us over here is crap.

Looking at Windows resource monitor, i am kicking along at a blazing 200-3000 B/sec.

So, I can only assume that the internet is not fast enough to even start up Steam.

I have just recently went back to the states on R&R for 2 weeks, updated all my games on my laptop, and now im in Afghan trying to play.

I have tried the .bat and /cfgx which Valtteriasd has instructed, but to no avail.

My results are the same as bobxrawks09's posted on 11 April 2012.

Any info to get this to work would sure be a blessing.. not much to do over here in the evenings, and ive already completed my games that do not require Steam...lol

Thanks in advance.
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What works for me is this:

Make sure you Exit Steam completely before shutting your PC down.

Steam > Exit

You wee see it do a 'final sync' then next time you start, with or without the internet you can happily go into offline mode.

Mind you, in your case you may have trouble getting that conneciotn in the first place, but once you have it should be fine...

.. and one day Steam will fix this so shutting down Windows does not kill Steam but close it gracefully.
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Originally Posted by Silicon Vampire View Post
How does this help? It does nothing except swap a file around that has text in it which will only work if Offline mode is set up properly to begin with... and at that point, you only need to disable your Network connection and have no need of this file.
kkkkkkkkkk u r right does not need this file, a garbage idea.
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Originally Posted by wolis View Post
.. and one day Steam will fix this so shutting down Windows does not kill Steam but close it gracefully.
I hope i will be around to see that day. Offline problem is here for years now and moderators and Valve reps will give you KB link that is of no use because they don't put inside the page :
This method will work only when you have clairvoyant skills and know when you will have issues with connection. In such case before these issues, please Exit Steam manually.
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Old 09-05-2012, 11:43 AM   #21
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Thanks a lot, mate

This is going to come in handy when my Internet crashes, which is quite frequent with mine.
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Steam failed to update several times in a row today, and quit with something like "Steam is currently unavailable. Please try" (the message was actually cut off there).

I found this thread only after the update worked again, but can anyone confirm that this works if online mode stops working "unexpectedly?" (I think 'unexpected' connection problems are really the most expected use case for offline mode, and think it's ridiculous and embarrassing that Valve doesn't seem to provide for it appropriately. My games are all updated and login information stored, by the way; Steam simply quit and never even offered offline mode. I got neither of the error messages posted earlier.)
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Hey guys, little up for big problem.

I've tried the .bat and .cfgx and especially tried to enter the lines in the .cfgx to bypass the update, but nothing worked.

Here's the deal, a couple days ago, everything was running fine. Then, steam stopped logging automaticaly, and now I can't even go offline or run steam because it first launches an update that never happens. It happens last year, while using the wifi of an university in Japan and spent the year cracking my games, now it happens again -_-"

If it helps, I'm in France and have no choice but to use the wifi of my student chamber, and we have to use a VPN named CISCO.

For the TL;DR, here are the questions :
- is there a way to open the right ports for steam, cause I got this on firebind :

Testing TCP Port: done
TCP Passed:
TCP Failed: 27014-27050

Testing UDP Port: done
UDP Passed:
UDP Failed: 1500,3005,3101,3478,4379-4380,27000-27030,28960

- is there a way to bypass this f*****g update that always f**k things up ?

I love steam, but having to be online to be offline, plus these kinds of bugs is just rubbish, and I wonder why they don't do anything since a saw a lot of similar issues. I hope someone can help, I'd really like to play the games I paid for --"
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Hey please reply,
i tried this thing and it worked but i want to play Steam Online now, i removed the SteamOffline.bat and i tried to use Steam but it doesn't work it keeps going in Offline Mode
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