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Majesty 2 on new computer

Hey everyone, I have two questions:

I remember having trouble getting the first Majesty to run normally on a fairly recent computer. Everything moved too fast and I ended up having to edit some settings file to get it to run at normal speed, but it still scrolled way too fast. Does Majesty 2 have the same problem? I know it's a few years old by now, and I'd rather be sure it works properly on a brand new laptop before buying it. (I was a HUGE fan of the first Majesty and the Northern Kingdoms expansion, to the point where I kept an ancient Pentium 4 laptop around to play it for a long time!)

I see there are a few expansions to Maj2 already and that you can buy them as a bundle. Is it possible to play the basic core game even if you buy this bundle, or does it automatically throw all the new features from the expansions into the early missions too? If so, I'd rather spend a few bucks extra and just buy the core game, then add the expansions one by one, as opposed to buying the bundle.

I'm so excited I finally have a decent computer that can play the new Majesty. I know the reviews are mixed, but man did I ever love that first game...

EDIT: Just noticed "Majesty HD" - I guess that's Maj1 with updated graphics? Hmmm...

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Majesty 2 does not have any problems running on modern computers, however there are a few bugs. Most notably, your save files are effectively erased if you verify game cache using Steam.

To my knowledge, the only expansion that adds content is Monster Kingdoms, but that expansion does not use any of the vanilla content so it is an inconsequential distinction.

However there is DLC content for Majesty 2. In the core game, access to the DLC is unlocked gradually as you progress through the campaign and in the other expansions all the DLC is available at the start. I would not recommend the game without the complete pack, however, as the DLC adds much needed variety (eg. Temple to lunord, some more Majesty spells) and in many cases is invisible to the experience (eg. prestige skills). I can't think of any DLC that is overpowered, in fact in most cases it is the opposite and has no real impact on the game unless you're just messing around (eg. tier 4 blacksmith).
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Thanks for your detailed response. I guess now I'm trying to decide if I want to get the new HD version of Majesty 1 (I loved the original version) or just buy Majesty 2 instead.
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