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Worth it?

What is the current state of this game? Has it ever been patched? I read several metacritic user/pro reviews and was just wondering if the game is worth getting. If there are issues, what are they and are they tolerable? Thanks in advance for any user input.
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I was wondering the very same thing
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I can't say how the game is today, but I can tell you how it was a few months ago, if that helps.

Not a bad game, but LOTS of incredible, amateurish mistakes. For instance, a waypoint that spawns you next to 3 zombies. While zombies DO respawn when you die, ammo does not. Not a smart move...

Controls are cluncky, but it's not so bad since you can outrun zombies by just... Walking. Yes, you read that right.

Now, the worst flaw I found in this game is that playing online with friends doesn't advance the campaign. You NEED to have unlocked a level in solo mode before you can play it with a friend (and so do they). If you play a newly unlocked level with a friend and finish it, well... Good job. Now you can return to solo mode to unlock the next level.

Unless you're an absolute fan of zombie games of all kinds, I would advise against purchasing it. That is, if my comment is still accurate. If someone who played more recently can confirm or correct me, that would be good, though.

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Thanks Uryel, I was thinking about picking up the 4 pack but I am really not sure hearing that about coop.
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No its not worth it. This game is TERRIBLE. If you must have it because you are a fan of zombie games, go get it from the Indie Gala bundle.

Pay $5 and get a bunch more games, all of which are much better than this junker.
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Was browsing further here and noticed the devs posted and mentioned a patch...back in oct/nov 2011. And not a word since. Do not support half-finished titles with devs that obviously don't care. I think a cheeseburger would give me more enjoyment and value of my $2
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Originally Posted by Uryel View Post
I can't say how the game is today, but I can tell you how it was a few months ago, if that helps.
Yeah, well I picked it up recently as part of a bundle, and gave up on it after 0.2 hours played. It just kept crashing on me after one or two missions, never could get past that point, and realized I have plenty of working games I can play instead.
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They mentioned a patch, but the biggest flaw (imo) that is the broken mp progress, they said they wouldn't touch and that is the intention of the devs to stay that way since the beginning.

Originally Posted by Headup Games View Post
...The basic MP design won't be touched though according to the developer as this was intended as added value to the game, not as a full MP campaign. Focus of development has been creating a single player experience.

Seriously, then WHY add multiplayer? Well, to trick people like me into buying,lol.

Really, don't fall for that BS and don't waste your money.

(Also, they sell 4 packs but that thing they call "co-op" is 2 player only.)
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I really enjoyed this game (single-player mode) and I'll definitely be playing it again. This is not an arcade shooter. It's a slow-paced strategy game. Ammo is limited so you need to think your way through each level. Each character has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. For example, if a certain character is weak in the healing category, then using a med kit with that character will stop the bleeding, but will not heal the character any further. On the other hand, if you let the doctor (who has a strong healing stat) heal a character, then that character will also regain some health.

If you run, the zombies within range will hear you and they'll come looking for you. If you've been wounded (you're bleeding), all of the zombies within a certain radius of your character will smell your blood and will be drawn to you like a magnet. It's important to stay quiet and healed whenever possible or you will attract attention. Because ammo is scarce, you'll sometimes need to run past zombies. It's best to save your ammo for the tougher points in the game, and especially later on when the zombies become more difficult to kill. Look everywhere you can for ammo and med kit stashes.

There is nothing wrong with the melee weapons. Melee weapons require precise timing. Melee weapons are advantageous when you can separate zombies from the pack and take them on individually. As mentioned, melee weapons require timing and it takes some practice. Don't just click the attack button on a zombie when using a melee weapon. There's a chance that the zombie will get a hit in first if you use that method. Instead, let a zombie come to you and as soon as they come within "the melee weapon's range", click the mouse button to attack. You'll eventually get a feel for a melee weapon's range, which is important - swing too soon and you'll miss and the zombie will hit you before you can swing again. Wait too long and the zombie will then be close enough to get the first hit in. If you time your attack properly, the zombie will never get close enough to hit you. You'll just keep knocking it back untill it dies. Some melee weapons require fewer hits in order to kill a zombie, such as the katana, which you'll find later in the game.

Use melee weapons and sneak past zombies as often as you can to save ammo for really tough situations. Assign weapons and healing items to your characters according to their strengths (character stats). There are occasions when you'll want to take only one or two characters through a particular level, such as the library. It's best to take your fastest character through the library since you'll need to do a lot of running and dodging. Trying to take four characters through the library is extremely difficult. It's much easier with just one. You can select the number of characters to take through a level at the character selection screen. On occasion, you'll be required to take a certain character through a particular level. Aside from that character, you can choose whether you wish to take any of the others along. Some characters are more advantageous than others to use in certain levels. Look at their strengths and don't always feel that you need to take four characters through a level, which can occasionally put you at a disadvantage.

There are other strategies that will help you progress, but you'll figure them out as you play. Trapped Dead is definitely worth $2.49 for single-player, but I love this type of game.

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Thanks for the warning, I was just about to buy the 4-game pack to gift to a bunch of friends for some fun cooperative times. However after everyones comments regarding the lack of multiplayer support, going to give this one a pass.
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If they patched the start up problem and multiplayer, it would be a fantastic deal Both problems have existed since July 2011 when I purchased it and there has never been so much as a whisper on a fix.
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