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Philosophy in Bastion (Spoiler Alert)

I am curious to hear your thoughts on Bastion. Especially the end. Was such a weapon necessary? What choice did you make in the end of the game, and why? If you were in Narrator's shoes, would you do the same he did? If you were in Zulf's shoes, would your reaction have changed? Are the characters excused for their actions? Do the actions even make sense?

Discuss, I'm really curious to hear people's mind.
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Was the Calamity necessary? Wiping out another civilization... genocide?

I'm of the school of thought that genocide is never justified, so I guess the weapon wasn't necessary. Diplomatic discussions sometimes don't progress as people hope, but they prevent lives being lost. That's what probably should have been done... not genocide.

However, the Calamity happened. For my first play-through, I chose to save Zulf and to evacuate. I can't recall my exact thought process, but basically I think death is rarely justified, and leaving Zulf to his death felt immoral to me, no matter what he did to the Bastion. I chose evacuation for the same reason as many did: what's to prevent an endless cycle of calamities from happening? Nobody wants that.

Reasoning the same as above, I would save Zulf and evacuate in the end if I were in the same situation.

Zulf's character is probably the most well-developed in the game if you exclude all the who-knows-where sequences. I honestly don't think his actions were justified in returning to the Ura. The Kid and the Stranger were keeping great company with him at the Bastion, and they even had plans to rebuild society in some sense. Is that the sort of company you want to leave? I think not. Also, blaming the actions of a society on two people who didn't "press the big red button," so to speak, is just silly.

That said, people do strange things when under stress.

Apart from what I wrote, I don't recall all the intricacies of the plot at the moment. It's been a while.

So basically, I played the came with the idea of: don't kill people unless they try to kill you first. Simple, but effective moral code.
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Felt bad about leaving Zulf so I picked him up on my first playthrough. Was the best decision I ever made.

Took me 10 minutes to decide whether to restart or evacuate at the ending choice bit. Decided to evacuate after a long thought process. Best decision I ever made.
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I made the 2 endings to see their lives after that choice and i have to say that i prefer the "evacuation" one. I mean, looks cool to have the Bastion to restructure and undo the done, but then they could make another catastrophe, then correct, then making the same mistake again, and so on...in a endless circle, like "Ouroboros".

The "Evacuation" ending solve that problem. Of course, the damage is done and there no turn back, but at least the survivors can live thinking in a new and peaceful future.

Btw, i save Zulf twice. The poor guy don't deserve to die, even if he lost her loved one.
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