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Has this game even been updated?

I'm thinking of gifting this to my little cousin who has a birthday this Sunday, but I'm concerned about the lack of info underneath HoMM6's Update History.

My impression of the demo, with its broken item descriptions (or maybe the descriptions were right and the effects were broken?) and other oddities was a mixed one; and from what I remember of post-launch chatter the retail game definitely needed help.

So has this game been updated since launch? Does uPlay handle the patching and thus explain the emptiness on Steams update log? Or does a player need to manually download and install patches? All important info I'll need to pass to my cousin.

Thanks and cheers.
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I'd also like to ask, regarding the game getting updated or not:

Has this game got REAL castles yet?
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The games is most propably updated outside of Steam. You should find more info on the official Ubisoft's forum (http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.p...gic-Heroes-VI=).
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I saw there's a map editor now..
And there's also the promise of new proper town screens in an upcoming patch..

That and the current price is good enough for me.
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Yes and No. It has been updated a little but not nearly enough. I'm sure the latest version is on Steam. This game is just another case of a publisher (Ubisoft) releasing an unfinished and unpolished product. I have been a fan of this series for years, going all the way back to Heroes 2, but even I have refrained from picking this up, despite it being 50% off again. I played the demo and the game certainly has potential, but from what I have read from the community there are a ton of bugs, issues, and things that need to be fixed/addressed. They recently announced a plan to release regular patches (some on a monthly basis), but they have even fallen behind schedule on that now. To be perfectly honest, for anyone that might be interested in this game I would recommend waiting until after the summer to pick it up (hopefully after several patches have been released).

Celestial Heavens is a good site to keep up on the news regarding this game.
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Ever since launch they left the game in the dark with a few minor updates, it had the potential to be one of the best HoMM games in my opinion, but they simply had no intention of fixing their broken game.

It's a disgrace, really.

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As horrible as it is that they have taken this long to do anything to fix the game, I must say they ARE working on it.

The original devs of the game, Black Hole, are dead. Developing the game cost them the life of their studio due to Ubihole bullcrap - or so they'd have us believe but I'm inclined to believe them.

So, now theres another dev team thats much smaller working on patching/updating the game but they have no experience working with the games code base and apparently its really hard for programmers to work on code that isn't theirs.

Finally, its been officially stated that the game is due to receive patches but they are being delayed badly cause this new dev team is trying to wrestle with the OLD dev team's code, but of course Ubihole isn't wording it like that exactly. =/

Official confirmation of patches that should eventually be coming though they are now REALLY far behind on that: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...-the-patch-1-3)
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All seems rather inexcusable to me given all of the resources that Ubisoft has. Also, their insistence on forcing players to depend on their unreliable online platform in order to have full unrestricted access to all of the game's features does not help as well. Invasive and/or just plain unreliable DRM schemes like this are why I have stopped buying games from companies like EA and Ubisoft. Anyway, by the time this game is properly fixed I'm guessing it could be almost a year from it's release. Rather sad really. Ever closer to the bargain bin at least though.
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http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...oes-Community? ...
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Originally Posted by mr.ioes View Post

Hmm after reading that I think I will definitely stay away from this game. I know that those disgruntled employee posts can never be trusted, but I believe that one for some reason. I've always liked Might and Magic, but never been a fan of Ubisoft, which lead me to delay buying this. It will stay delayed methinks
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Hey all, just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the replies. I read them all and decided against getting HoMM6, and instead went with Kings Bounty Platinum Edition. Was slightly more pricey than the HoMM6 sale, but the revenue is well deserved according to reviews and the stacked value of the package. And yeah, that ex-employee confessional and other forum chatter is really damning. Ubisoft is losing credibility hand over facepalm these days.

Also, I think the Main Menu alone has solidified my position as Most Favourite Cousin Ever... for more reasons than one.

Thanks all.
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Erm, you know...it kind of got updated today?

Ah well, Kings Bounty is good too. Shame on you for taking so long to get it.
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Old 04-19-2012, 08:41 PM   #13
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Thats too bad Homm6 is a better game.
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I'm willing to chime in. Most people complain about the outrageous DRM (and so they should), but when its working, the game itself is pretty good.

Im yet to encounter any bugginess in the game itself, just the conflux being weird. And that was maybe once, and was due to me using Peerblock.
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i have bought the game on release, but gave up since it was unplayable. The list of known bugs in the official forum had more than 100 items.
After the new patch i tried again, something went better but still this game is mess.

I am a long fan of M&M series, and love this kind of turn based deep strategic gameplay, but HOMM6 is really a mess from the beginning, it was rushed and badly developed.

Now they promise patches, but the original developing team is no more, and they assigned a completely new patching team that is not confident with the code = patching will take ages, and since this project is a financial loss i guess it will not be supported for long.

The only solution for this game would be to completely remake it from scratch, but it's more realistic to wait the 7th installment.

Honestly, don't get into this, HOMM6 is plain fraud against player.
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