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Play Episode 1 without HL2?

I don't have Half-Life 2 but I have Half-Life 2: Episode 1. Could I play Episode 1 without playing Half-Life 2 first?

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Are you asking if you could play episode 1 and still understand the story without having played HL2? You can try, but I don't recommend it seeing as EP1 is a direct sequel to HL2 and begins just minutes after HL2 ends.
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Play the games in the order in which they're made, since the Episodes are much shorter and make less sense outside of the context of the full Orange Box release.

If you are asking if you CAN physically play Episode 1 without OWNING hl2, yes you can, it'd install on its own though you'd also find a lot of resources being downloaded from the HL2 game anyway.
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HL2 and HL2:Episode2 are way better games to get involved in HL they have more variety in gameplay and sceneries. so if you can get hl2, get that first. If you can't, then play EP1, you'll still get a taste of the HL2 world
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yes you can play Ep1 without owning HL2. Same for Ep2.

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I started playing the entire saga from Ep1.It really doesn't matter that much.Half-Life 2 just seemed like a very very very well done prequel to me though.

I just couldn't get my hands on a retail copy of Hl2 at the time, so I bought the next best thing.
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HL2 is all about the storyline. It's a shame, really, to play Ep1 without having played HL2 first. Besides, HL2 is cheap, like 5e on steam, so you should buy it. You'll see that while you're playing it, it feels like watching a movie, with a great plot, action and everything else.
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Not to mention that playing Ep1 first spoils the cliffhanger ending of HL2. The ending of HL2 won't have the same impact, if you already know how the cliffhanger works out.
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This is not a Call of Duty game where you can jump in anywhere. If you've played Half-Life 2 to the end, fair enough. It doesn't matter.

The Half-Life saga continues from the original, the expansion packs add to the universe but are not official. You can jump from Half-Life 2 to Half-Life 2, but Opposing Force and Blue-Shift are good fun
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You can, but don't. You won't get the full feel. You can however skip the original Half-Life because HL2 explains itself well enough anyway. I still recommend playing the original though. Great game.
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