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Problems with Far Cry 2!!

I have played this game all the way through several times before but I went back to it recently and am having some issues!

When I start the game it has a box that come up with the splash that says service pack 1 is needed. My Windows 7 is up to date. I click ok and the game plays like normal. Until now anyway.

I got a good ways into the game and went to get a mission from the APR and went to the door, he patted me down and then instead of opening the door I just sort of floated through it! Well I went upstairs and the door was closed, no one home. I knocked to get out and floated out! Through the door! I tried a few more times, closed the game, restarted, etc, same thing so I went and got a different mission from Mikes. I did the mission cam back turned it in, got new guns, etc and went back for the APR mission. This time I still "floated" through the door but he was home. I got the mission, went there but when I needed to shoot a gun it wouldn't fire nor could I change weapons. I closed, validated files/defrag, again same thing. Guns won't fire and can't change weapons. Even went back to Mikes, got new guns and tried them there, nothing!

Sorry for the long post but I am now stuck! Any ideas? Oh i have no hard saves so couldn't try that.

Phenom II X6 1045T 2.70 ghz
ATI 6870
Foxconn 2AB1
Acer X203H 23" lcd
8 gigs DDR-3
Windows 7 64 bit

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Never mind, I fixed it by deleting local content and going back to an earlier quick save, don't know why it did that but found others with the same issue on Youtube! I didn't know you could go back to earlier quicksaves...
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