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Steamworks and 3rd party DRM?

So I was wanting to buy this game because of the sale when I heard it used a variation of the Starforce DRM (which I really don't care for), which turned me off the game. Then on Amazon it clearly says it requires steamworks while never mentioning any other DRM. Then when I proceed to look up if this game is a steam game or not I find all these people saying it's a steam game and none mentioning 3rd party drm. When I look up anything about it having a 3rd party drm I find people talking about how they hate Starforce and it shouldn't have it (some also mentioned that people used to think Ruse had a 3rd party drm but later found out it didnt? Perhaps a similar circumstance here?). I've never heard of a game being steamworks and having a 3rd party DRM, steam's store page mentions nothing. I'm itchin' to play this game but I want to know that 7 years from now I can install it on whatever machine I have without any activation limits. Thanks in advance.
-Steak W
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When you buy on Steam it won't have any other DRM
If you buy it on retail just activate the key on steam first before installing it, and it will register with Eugen.Net on the first time you play it (use the cd key to register in-game with eugen.net)
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You can have it installed (activated) on up to 5 different machines at the same time.
Should you switch operation system sometime (Say in a year or two from now) You should deactivate the game as you may lose an activation that way.

DRM wise you're required Steam, but since we're on steam forum, I imagine you don't mind that.

You're also limited to one account (used for online play) each CD key, which is the only other limitation other than Steam, and the 5 activations.

Should you for some reason lose all 5 activations you can contact their support, and they will provide you with additional.

Happy WarGaming.
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