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5 Min Help for Noobs

This game becomes alot more fun when you know a few simple basics.

The Intro:

When i first started playing i had trouble with a few of the game's concepts .. esp with things like Technology and where best to place my Council Members etc. So just for you beginners ( Noobs ) i'll save you alot of wasted time .

The Help:

1: Always remember there are 3 types of technology in this game. And although technology is spread 'slowly' from county to county over time, it can be increased at a faster rate.

2: There are 3 Council members that can be set the task of improving technology in any county they are in. The Marshal (for Military), the Steward (for Economy) and the Court Chaplin (for Cultural). Just make sure you place them in one of YOUR OWN counties. Otherwise you wont recieve the benefits of their hard labour.

3: There is 1 Council member that 'steals' technology from other counties. The Spy. Make sure he's placed in somone else's county, he can't steal your own tech. Pick a county that has more advanced tech than yourself.

3: Always remember that whatever task you give to a council member, his primary stat (State Learning for the Court Chaplin for instance) will always be available to you and used in the natural increase of technology and other matters over time.

4: Remember that if you place your Steward in one of your counties to research technology, his Stewardship rating still counts towards to how much tax you recieve in general. If you have him collecting tax, that's just extra tax he will collect from time to time, but also increases the chance the peasants may kill him .. lol.

5: Did I mention the importance of 'State Learning' ?. In a nutshell, if you want tech to increase naturally faster, make sure you pick a good Court Chaplin.

6: Always remember your wife adds half of all her stats to yours .. bless her.

7: Don't waste those honorary titles on Council members. Give them to your Vassals foremost. Happy Vassals give you more gold and higher levies (soldiers).

8: Since most Council members have to be male, except for the spy, let your Vassals educate the girls in your Court. It increases their opninion of you. Besides, once they get married they leave anyway. On the otherhand, always educate the boys to fit the role you may require of them in the future.

9: Don't forget to set the magnifying symbol in the Technology Menu to help further any tech you might wish to advance at an even faster rate.

10: In the line of Options (top left of the screen) you can view characters in the game. Use this to invite them to your court. In this way you get people in with better stats. People of your choosing, not random like in the ambitions. Some however, are unwilling, some people are just no fun .. lol.

The End:

I hope this helps. I wish i knew this stuff when i first started to play. Feel free to add to any of the points mentioned above, i'm still learning myself !

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Needs tutorial videos.
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These are great tips, thank you for posting.
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Thank you. I've been doing #2 wrong for over 110 years!
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Thanks for this. I'm just starting out and I'll be sure to keep this list handy.
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A few useful tips for the player who likes to conquer their way through the game:

Revolts still give Warscore!
To avoid revolts, go on a Crusade. Nothing says team building like a little Holy Land carnage. (Crusaders get +30 to eachother)
Muslims and Pagans make great early land grabs depending where you start.
Early alliances to Big guns. Cant take that little county belonging to France? Align with England and hope they show up!

Just a few useful tips I've learned throughout so far!
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