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Exclamation Clarification needed on Steam profile privacy settings

Profile status essentially sets the maximum possible visibility for applicable content in the other two permission groups: Comments and Inventory.

For example, it is possible to set comment permissions to Public if your profile is set to Private. This is an issue because the comment box is part of the content hidden when a profile is set to private, so the public can't comment anyway.

Note that this issue is also present with the inventory permissions.

It might be helpful to disable radio buttons of Comment Permissions and Inventory which are less private than Profile Status permissions if this is the intended behaviour.

On the whole it might be helpful to explain or indicate which permissions effectively apply to the other content as it's not always obvious to users.


There is also a related bug in the Actions box: if a user has a private profile but a public inventory, the Actions box displays a link to Inventory that goes nowhere. Image
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I've had to explain this issue a second time to someone in just a couple of weeks. I think the confusion might be quite prevalent. D:
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This is still a problem, how has this not been fixed by now? It's been 4 months and TF2 is Valve's flagship game. Not being able to have a private profile and public inventory is a big deal. This is a necessity for those of us who want to maintain our privacy but still engage in TF2 trading. At the very least allow the Steam API respect the privacy settings so that sites like TF2 Outpost can cache our inventories.

Some of us who play games with angry community's (L4D2) and have had our friends harassed by other players. I have received complaints from my friends about people sending them "umad" group invites and other troll groups, as well as adding them or spamming their profile comments are public.

I imagine this would take less than 5 hours to fix; not to mention this is a fundamental part of steam that is completely broken. What's the point of even having permissions if they don't work?

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I completely agree with TheParadox.

I just found out today that no one can see my inventory if my profile is set to private - regardless of what my inventory privacy settings are.

That's very annoying for me because I want to be able to trade some stuff, but I don't want to announce to the world what games I've been playing, and when I play, and how often, and so on. There's a lot of personal information like that in my profile which I'd just rather not share. It's frustrating that I can't show my inventory without showing all that other stuff.
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