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Psicko Pzyanide
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High Flier Achievement Bug

Hi everyone, my problem is that I can't earn the achievement High Flier. I have the other 41 achievements and I have killed 5 duskbats (the normal ones, the fire ones and the ice ones) without touching the ground many times, and the achievement never spikes.

I have a save in the Choking--Place where you have to kill 30 enemys with B button, and still never spikes. Probably i'll record a video to show you, if necessary.

Any idea of how can I fix this issue? Maybe I should desinstall the game or try in another PC or some crap like that, cause I have tried a lot of things...

Sorry for my english if I have a lot of errors, hard to explain an issue in other language

Update: I started a new game and it worked... Magic. Thanks anyway!

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Old 04-18-2012, 08:30 AM   #2
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restart steam before playing Darksiders, problem solved

i also couldn't obtain the 100miles horse riding achievement because of the issue, which made me mad
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The Achievement are little buggy. I didn't get a few too.
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I have the same problem but a little different. Usually restarting steam or game solve my problem with getting achievement, but today i have biggest problem. Achievement : "defeat Silithia". I restart steam, the game, even my PC but still nothing. I defeat this boss 5 times and still i don't get the achievement. Any clue ?

EDIT : Ok, i get this after a few times.

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