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R.F. Guerrilla - Xbox 360 controller Dilemma

Ok guys, first of sorry if this thread has been already created. I looked for it before i created this one.

So I just purchased R.F. Guerrilla cause I had some extra cash, and you know, just for the lulz.

So I want to play with my Xbox 360 controller.

I connect my controller, start the game, I skip the cutscenes pressing the A button, I even move a bit around the main menu before the GFWL menu appears, I press A to start the sesion and suddenly, after I have entered GFWL my controller doesnt respond anymore!

Has this happened to anybody before?

If so, what can I do?

Thanks fellas.
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you could play with the pad or anyone know if it works?

I have him win this game if I wanted to play with the pad
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Late to the game, but I've had this problem when I had both my 360 controller and my joystick connected. Disconnect the joystick & the 360 controller works fine.
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