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This game has a lot of bugs/Griefers

This game has so many bugs, and I have to say such bad customer service that isn't funny in the least. I put in around $300 including subscription to this game and enjoyed the game until I got to end game aka pvp, however once I hit around PVP I found that this game has too much Griefing/Trolling, and clans that want stuff their way or they ask you to go drink draino in other words the polite way asking a person to commit suicide and it just isn't funny.

They break the games community standards constantly by ruining another players enjoyment of the game, evne your own faction members at times end up killing you without reason, posting rumors in chat, and G1 does nothing about these people not even a warning that I am aware of.

Anyways over the last 72 hours I have been watching the forums because I play other G1 games at the moment, and I have seen Moderators remove posts over and over again including those which did not name and shame, and did not break the forums rules, these posts were in reguards to Aimbots being used in the game, which APB reloaded has a lot of them, and now Fallen Earth has cheaters, and G1 isn't doing anything but removing posts, and suspending peoples posting rights for responding to such.

I know that steam more than likely has a policy about giving links on third party programs, so before I post a copy of this post already posted here, I would like to say that these are not instructional videos telling people how to Cheat the game, or to such hacks, or cheats as I hate such. They are bugs which have been in game for quite awhile, and now have a large number of Trolls/Clans abusing them for their own use.

1. Shooting through walls is a common thing it isn't a hack but a bug that has been there for ages and they will not fix the issue.

2. Using another players car to take cover inside of it and still shoot enemy players isn't an exploit but a bug.

---Here is the post which was removed by moderators @ G1.---

Syrinx Saldana Shooting through a wall

3 Exile Members exploiting

Necci was defusing bombs while being dead and zombie walking

Pictures too!

Inane Shooting through a wall

Inane using the current car but

Crypsis Exploiting inside a car

My goal is the get teh FE team to do something not to just hide it.

also i would pay attention people are talking about your game. everyone has noticed you do nothing to combat cheaters.


So just to be perfectly clear why am I posting this for, because Gamers First is covering up the Truth about their game, and refusing to fix issues in the game, deal with griefers/trolls.

I really wouldn't want to see people spend their money in this game without knowing what is really going on before they get into it, now if you haven't hit level 55, or done Territory Control chances are you haven't seen any of the issues I have, because otherwise it is fine, but the management on this game sucks, and their moderators even worse.

I am not giving instructions to cheat this game, or asking people to exploit or cheat in any way, however I ask that you look over these videos they are fairly common bugs in the game, and they need to be exposed so G1 will listen to its customers finally.

Edit Griefers: For those who wonder why Exile/Saints as clans seem to get away with the Trolling in game, I believe this is because of the community programs G1 has going aka Decon/Hazmat which I believe a couple are in Exile, and helping to back them up by sending false complaints to Gamers First, and or asking other members to bait then report. It has been 72 horus since G1 started covering up these issues and doing nothing 72 hours since my forum account got kicked off without reason given, and still no resposne from G1 on the issue, and this is not the first time G1 has done this either, but they have totally ignored reports against these clans and its leaders/members who were harassing in chat, and in game and did nothing period. I know what the rumors are spread by me by Exile which one might be true however these others are complete garbage made up by their own members to cause problems.

These Videos of Exile Exploiting/Abusing bugs just goes to show as a clan what Exile is willing to do to gain an unfair advantage, and if you ask me there should be certain rules put into place to prevent Decon/Hazmat people from being able to join a clan and report people like this for a clan strict rules, because I really do believe now that I have found out about these people in their clan they are helping their members file reports to G1 some of which are false and have Moderator friends on the board kicking off posts they don't like even if they don't break the rules because simply I could be made a moderator by G1 myself it isn't just GM's who monitor the boards.

To be blunt Fallen Earth is a very bad game due to these issues and it just isn't worth playing instead if you are looking for a better MMORPG check out Tera, Tribes Asecond, anything but G1's titles because even G1 makes Nexon look like angels.

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Your criticisms of G1 aside, theres some problems with you accusations of cheating. You either have no idea whats going on in the videos you posted or are intentionally misrepresenting what the videos are showing.

Syrinx Saldana Shooting through a wall
You really have no clue whats going on here do you? With all the holes in the building hes shooting you through one of the walls while jumping on a ledge outside the room.

3 Exile Members exploiting
This video was recorded on the PTS or Public Test Server which by design is meant to iron out bugs and has no impact on the Live server. They got to that place by jumping on the summonable bus stops that are made avaiable on the PTS. Not hard to do and not much of an exploit considering its not even possible to do on the Live server

Necci was defusing bombs while being dead and zombie walking
This is a bug but it happens randomly and there is no reliable way to reproduce it. A bug that cant reliably be reproduced is not an exploit.

As for the pics you posted, pictures alone provide no context. At all. For anyone not knowing anything about the game it looks like nothing at all. The pictures alone provide no proof of cheating.
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