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Introduce better picture view engine Steam Shop

Hi Steam one of the irritations i have in your shop is the way the picture view system works.

When i want to enlarge a picture it will start up my web browser and opens it as a separate tab. so this will make a quick browse trough the pictures impossible and painful to do so. resulting in me hardly using it.
There is also a view all X screenshots button but for some strange reason it lacks a maximize button. and if you re size the screen manually the picture is not resizing with the box....

What i would like to see as a user
When you click the picture it self it will popup a box (just like the view x screenshots button)
but instead show it in maximized by default (allow to re size and let the picture re size so it will fit the window)
and allow to browse trough the pictures.

I am sure its not to hard to do but makes the user experience a lot more better. This also makes the show all pictures button obsolete.

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