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Few (most likely simple) questions

So I have done the tuts on the creation kit website, but I am in the process of making a simple mod, My questions are this,
How do I create a door/ teleport out of a static object that is not a door? I am trying to make a Grate / sewer entrance into a door but it doesn't have the same options as an actual door. My other question is, I am having issues with facial discoloration on created NPC's as well as hands disappearing, how can I fix this?

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Use new or rename any door to give you your custom door then the fun bit you will have to unpack your Skyrim BSA somewhere and find the grate or whatever Nif/Model you want to use.

It will most likely be in Static-Architecture-Clutter or something like that, you then need to manually re-create the folder structure in your Data Folder, EG: Data-Meshes-Static-?????? or whatever it is and then put just the Model/Nif you want to use in the exact folder/file location.

Then you open the CK and where the 'Model' used is shown in the properties? window of your item click edit and browse to that Nif you have placed in the Data etc etc Folder Structure you made. Thats the basics and I'm sure someone will point out anything I've missed, it should get you most/all the way there (I hope). BTW I even had Vases of Flowers as hidden magic doorways in Oblivion, He He.

As far as I know there is no known 'fix' for the facial color problem, check the sticky at the top as I have put a couple of ideas in their. Also do a google on the setweight fix as this may have more needed than I have detailed, I have read it needs you to set the weight to Zero first then re-set it back to the actual NPC weight. I have not confirmed that actual fix myself as yet, only the set to Zero.

PS: With the Static Item used as a door, there is one quicker way that you can only use just for yourself, its a dirty way but if it only for your own game it is quicker. Unpack the Skyrim Meshes into a Folder in My Doc's and then use them from there, just browse to that location when looking for any Model/Mesh. Saves doing the Meshes Folder Structure yourself and if it is just for your own game then you have the entire Skyrim Meshes to browse to try any odd thing as a door. Thats how I found the flowers idea. Really this is a very, very "dirty" way and you should always do it properly if you intend to ever release the Mod.

PPS: Sorry Giskard, I know a very bad habit to teach but it can help with getting used to using different models for different things, a sort of experimentation idea which I used to get into playing around with making models do more. Oh and I've not mentioned Nifscope as for this sort of thing it should not be needed?

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