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Challenge: do boss fights without using the A, B, C, D gates!

When I was doing "More than Machine", I was assembling my ruby molecule faster than the rate of fire. So I put in a sensor to tell when the last molecule had been fired and automatically reload.

I decided to get that working and then add some kind of fire delay button later to actually allow me to aim.. but for then I set it going shooting wildly at the maximum firing rate and it actually worked! Hands free! Brilliant.

Then when I got up to Don't Fear The Reaper, I tried to make that hands free as well...

...this didn't go so well. I made my laser so it sits there automatically changing position all the time (or, flailing about wildly). It didn't use the extreme positions, just middle, one up from middle and one down from middle. It...did actually win me the mission a couple of times...but only when the enemy ship comes in at exactly the right place, more often I die.

So I made it more sensible...now its auto-flail actually includes the extreme bottom position (but not extreme top), and I can press a button to stop it in the position I want, actually aim at things and I can now win every time...so I won't claim a success on running this mission hands free, but I had a good attempt at it.

And then yesterday I went back to Exploding Head Syndrome. My previous solution for that was terrible. I've managed to re-do that without using any gates, and wow was that a challenge (and my solution is not exactly elegant either)

I'm going to see which other boss fights I can win with a "hands free" solution. It's fun, so I thought I'd share the idea

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Exploding Head Syndrome:

Don't Fear The Reaper: I'm not completely sure because it's been a long time, but I think you can have a laser just sitting stationary in the middle position, and keep replaying the level until you're fortunate enough to survive, depending on the randomness of the incoming asteroids.

End of the Line can also be accomplished without manual control:
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If I remember correctly, I beat "Exploding Head Syndrome" with an automatic solution. I'll have to check.
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There's a guy on solutionnet who has beaten every defense mission without controls, so it's certainly possible. Though you have to be a flip-flop genius in some of them.
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