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Trine fails to launch on mac

So, I've just installed the new Steam Client update on my mac and now I can't get Trine to launch. It was running perfectly well before the update, but now it just pops up for a second before immediately quitting.

So far I have:
- validated the cache
- checked for mac software updates
- uninstalled then reinstalled Trine
- tried using a desktop launch shortcut, with steam both open and closed
- restarted my computer

No luck

Please help
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I will look into Trine immediately. There was a change required to the in-game overlay works in order to support The Witcher.

Initial testing looked good, but it appears to have caused trouble with a couple titles. Once I have a fix a Mac update will go straight out.
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Ah okay, hopefully that solves it.

If the problem still continues please post here and we can think of alternative methods.

// Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Trine, Trine 2, Shadowgrounds & SG Survivor - Follow us on Twitter
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