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bonk scouterson
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HoE Information.

Hey Guys, so recently I got my 3rd lvl 6 Perk.
My current lvl 6 Perks:
I would like some info on how to play these Perks on HoE, some experienced players with these perks?
Please though, I do request assistance.
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Have you been playing beginner this whole time? Play as you usually would, but better. Watch other players and you'll figure it out after a few games.
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In all honesty, you need more experience on the maps, for your play time you've not even touched some of them and if you have they've never been completed.

You don't have any suicidal achievements at all, if you're going from normal/hard to HoE which it looks like you are, I wouldn't even bother, even as a level 6, if the team wipes on a map you don't know and you're the only player left on a map you've barely played how do you expect to survive that wave?

If I were you I'd gain some experience in suicidal servers firstly before you attempt HoE.
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Berserker are played like usual. But remember, never try to run from a gorefast for too long, they will reach you in no time. And sirens are deadlier so try to stay away from them if there is more than one.

What time of sharpie are you? LAR+M14 or xbow? Because you will need lot of bolts to kill a scrake or a fp.
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Play as you normally would. Just be more cautious of swarms and r*pepounds. You can kite fleshpounds with the fireaxe's alt fire. Keep hitting him in the head and running away, if you stay out of his line of sight he won't rage.
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As Renegade said, try Suicidal first. The only difference in difficulties is speed of ZED movement, their health and the amount of damage they do to the player.

Some tips: memorize map routs in solo, so that you won't let your team down, wandering alone. Learn all the spots in the map where ZED spawn, learn the places where you can or can't go. Second one - prioritize targets. Let commando/firebug kill the trash, if you're sharp and concentrate on bigger ZEDs (like FPs and Scrakes). Heal teammates, don't go soloing (unless everyone got wiped) and you should be fine.
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I wouldn't suggest "playing as you normally would" like other people have, unless what you normally play is suicidal difficulty. If you've mainly leveled on hard, keep in mind:

- SC's take 2 bolts instead of 1, this can mess you up if you're not used to taking the 2nd shot
- Theres a lot more trash ZEDs per wave, so you'll want to save ammo using the 9mm more as a SS, with the crossbow and handgun as backups. With M14/LAR loadout, you'll want to save LAR rounds for sirens/husks/SCs
- Your zerker will only be able to flinch an SC once, but you can still stun repeatedly
- SC's/FP's don't disappear as quickly with demo, so make sure you know your grenade/explosive combos to kill instead of rage

I think those are the biggest differences to remember for those classes

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Am I missing something here?

After 8500 headshots, and 5.5m damage on berserker/demolitions, shouldn't you have figured by then how to play them?

Demolitions for example, isn't great at all at close quarters, so it's probably best to sit behind a commando to deal with the small threats that aren't worth wasting explosives on. Use your explosives only when a big group forms or for fleshpounds.

The LAW is really good for its explosion radius allowing you to kill huge crowds with just 1 rocket. It can stun scrakes as well. Probably not the best thing to use on FP's unless a pipe bomb hits it first. Thats the only real disadvantage I can think of for the LAW.

The M32 is probably the best way to handle FP's and crowds at the same time. It won't kill huge crowds in 1 grenade like the LAW but you can spam it 6 times.
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