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Red face Hammer has anoying bugs in sdk 2007

first sorry for my very bad english.
Secound i only use Zombie Panic source mod Hl2 games and the SDK 2007.

7 month ago my pc storage plate goes to hell....
Thats the last screenshot of my old map ind the ZPS Mod:
The lobby area where you could choose his team:

So now I heard the ZPS will be continued and I was fired up my old map from my head again to build a remake ....... Now easier said than done.

I've set up as described Hammer as here:

And only once a example map built here as:

Here are the problems:
1.When I run the map from hammer comes out a "wrong Steam ID User Error" and I fly out of the game (actually, I would automatically start the external server where I joined my map or something). The mod and then my map by Console will start then.

2.So soon I enabled antialiasing does have this weird bug Border on the map make it appear as if all the edges of walls with other walls in a certain angle to get there durchleuchten.When moves it falls on the most:

3.Im hammer editor itself, it often comes from the textures in the camera window does not appear (and normal textures env_lights) are transparent (func_detail with textures) and flicker or (decals and Overlys). This is extremely annoying when map construction.
Here is an example of what happens if I just waving a bit of the camera:
The walls are constructed entirely normal to normal matrimonial tutorials.
Be transparent in the hammer at her as soon as you look around.

4th Hammer and sporadic crashes without error message.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

I have tried all camera settings in the hammer.
I've tried different maps for all the same bugs.
I have all drivers up to date.
Here are my specs:
windows 7 64bit OEM home
ATI Radeon HD 6850
Intel i52500k
Asrock Z68 Pro3

pls when someone has a solution pls let me know.
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pls cant someone help me ?
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