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FNV Mod Review: Psiclones

NOTE: This will be a series of mod reviews for FNV

PsiClones, a mod for FNV

Mod type: new playing area / new quest

PsiClones is a combat heavy mod where you discover this building in the middle of nowhere, where you are shot at by these beautiful but heavily armed woman... Except there's a lot of them, and they look... cloned! Fight through 8 levels and discover the secrets of... psiclones, and a mad man's plan to conquer the Mojave!

Psiclones is a mod where you do nothing except shoot people... well, not people, but clones. And they are quite heavily armed, and quite fast. You'll explore 8 levels of this building (starting from the outside) as you discover the origins of this building, what was it used for, and so on and so forth.

The main problem with this mod is there are NO QUESTS. Mods usually follow the FNV format in that they give you a quest to do something. This one does not. It just tells you to go somewhere, rest is up to you.

Combat is fine, and levels are not too bad. However, there seem to be minimal new assets. And the reward is rather lame. You could keep the mod and use the location as a player home, and the armory is quite well stocked, but other than that, meh.

There are NO speech checks, so roleplayers can skip this one.

No significant bugs have been noted during playthrough.

All in all, psiclones is not a very well designed mod. It is tolerable if you enjoy shooting at folks, as you'll be doing that a lot. Otherwise, meh.

Rating: 5 out of 10

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