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Cable stuck to a wall?

I played through most of this game the same day it was released, up til a bit into the orange area with all the cogs spinning your ship around. I took a break there, at the autosave point just below 3 electrified cables (at that point you're turned 90 deg clockwise)... Just to give you a sense of where I'm stuck.
Tbh, I played a bit further, stuck the next cable in its socket, but then the game crashed on me so I took that as a sign that it was time to take a break.

Anyhow, today, when I tried to play it again, something have gone completely wonky compared to last time playing. The next cable to plug in, the one I had effortlessly plugged in on my prior gaming session, is stuck to a wall. Logically, it would hang right down... Well, it doesn't, it's pointing into a wall and I can't dislodge it. Even if I use the grappler to pull it out from the wall, it just gravitates back towards it as soon as I release the grip, and I can't get it very far - Not nearly far enough to get it into the socket next to it - because it pulls back towards the wall. What's up with this?
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Are you sure it's not just already plugged in? I remember one spot where there were like three places right together where a cable could connect, and I don't think it mattered which one you actually connected to.

If you don't think that's it, can you post a link to a screenshot? Steam's built-in screenshot function works with the game. The default key is F12.
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I have the same issue. Here's a video of the bug - it's not mine, some other guy got it too. Seems that it's pretty common.

UPDATE: The guy that uploaded the video solved it by saving at an earlier checkpoint and restarting the game. Worked for me too.

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