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When will we be able to activate MoW AS GOTY on Steam?

I know many people are wondering the same thing. I want to get the GOTY edition for obvious reasons but I want it on steam. The steam version is 40 bucks and amazon has it for $5 right now...
This goes out to you DMS.Instinct, the lone wolf willing to traverse the depths of the forums of those who would feast upon devs.
Instinct, I ask of you, when will we be able redeem the GOTY version of Assault Squad? Any time frame at all or will it simply be ready when it's ready? MoW is the series that got me into strategy games. A badge of honor I wish you would wear proudly, for it is no simple feat.
Thanks in advance-Steak W
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We have a answer:


I think I'm going to buy Amazon copies to give to my friends when they become steam redemmable
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