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Question RT2 experts - how do u get gold on end missions on hard?

People's Railway - hard but I'd figure it out eventually. Tons of micro. But any tips appreciated.

Dilemma Down Under - here, things are getting crazy. I have seen hinted elsewhere that the win conditions for gold on this one -- 3 consecutive yrs of >$1million profit before 1972 -- might be a bug/typo. That seems like it's kind of a cop-out .. but still I am totally stumped as to a real, workable strategy for this. Not enough revenue/capital to play it without doing a bunch of borrowing, and economy is not good enough to give you a bunch of cheap bonds. I've tried a bunch of things. I'll leave the table open afa "have tried/haven't tried" tho. Any ideas much appreciated!
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I'm working on Dilemma Down Under right now. There's one tip I just found out, I don't know if you know this: you can get a piece of the big cities right away. Even though you can only connect to existing track, that doesn't mean you have to connect to YOUR tracks. I just built a Sidney Junction station glued to my competitor's station, built a track starting at his track going to Newcastle, and started raking in the cash.

The added benefit is that you steal your competitor's business, making it easier to buy them later.

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I don't remember if I set the game on hard or what, but here are some additional key points I noticed for Dilemma Down Under:
1. Get the industries going and buy them up once they become lucrative. The bauxite mines become very lucrative if you deliver 4 or 5 loads even once a year.
2. Connect east to west. There's a lot of industries in the west and middle, but the big cities are in the south and east. Once you get the industries going, you can use some of the existing east/west tracks to deliver goods and/or food to the cities.
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