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Rayman Origins, not a casual-only game

My brother bought Rayman Origins. I was skeptical about it, in my opinion the Rayman franchise was for casual gamers (not that there's anything wrong with that) and I didn't want to play a game that I'd finish within two hours.
I played it with him a bit and realized on the first levels that it wasn't hard at all, but hell, I was having fun. So I borrowed his comp and roamed through the game.
In the end, I realized that even though the levels aren't that difficult, there are ways to make it so. TIME ATTACK MODE, SPEEDRUN WAY!

Little video of a level I really enjoyed. It looked like a level in Super Meat Boy, loved it.

In the end, the game is not THAT easy, some parts are tricky (running chests, Terry Pratchett would be proud), and it reminded me of my childhood. (haven't played a Rayman game since the N64 one.)

My point is: hardcore gamers, this game is also for you. I may have 100% of SMB, thousands of hours on FPSs, Rayman Origins was still a great experience.
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