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How I solved my startup freezing problem FoTS!

Greetings Steam Forum!

I've bought Fall of The Samurai and was instantly tainted by the Freezing of my startup screen.
So I looked for a way to fix this, In here I will describe ALL the steps that I took to the solving of this problem.

Also sorry for my crappy English!!!

Step 1. Update Video Card Drivers
I have an ATI HD4800 Series and I was 3 drivers behind so first of all Update them Drivers!!

Step 2. Clean your Register
I don't know why but I always do this when I have some kind of problem! (I used CCleaner).

Step 3. Verify Integrity Of Game Chache
When I have problems with steam games this sometimes solves it!

I think this is the most important step of them all, I have some kind of Campaign mod installed so DELETE the mods!!!

I hope this helps you all out!
If not, well sorry for spending your time!!


Michael van Eck
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