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V2 becomes birth of NASA

Thru games..comes knowledge. Now that's a good direction for games! Just a small History Lesson..

In the current days as we see the NASA space program dismantled, it's kinda funny seeing a game talk about the V2. Must be a game worth getting. I am looking forward to see if Von Braun is included and saved for the USA or if we get to put a bullet in his head too?.. Amazing how a little game can bring back the memories of what war really is.. as in another posting.. if the brits caught him..that is how he probably would have ended up..Then what would have happened to NASA?


Always remember, the V2 killed alot of Brits.. The man that created it was actually a war criminal, later brought to the USA and under 'his' guidance made the space program that pushed the USA to the lead in their day. He was later a USA citizen and to some a hero for the USA.. yet, He was also part of the SS.. so he was a N**I.. and now a NASA.. just some play on words I guess.. Funny who we sleep with and become bed fellows with for the advancement of mankind..Obviously he was still "used" to create war machines but space exploration was a nice side effect.

He didn't want to surrender to the Soviets due to prisoner treatment.. so he is noted as saying for the 500 that came to the USA:

"we felt that only by surrendering such a weapon to people who are guided by the Bible could such an assurance to the world be best secured.”

Another strange thing..as currently, many in the USA try to remove religion from everything these days by "law".. just an observation.. not preaching..






If von Braun is not included... would make a neat DLC later on.. Kill Von Braun or save Von Braun for future use to the USA... decisions made reflects on our future.

I preordered and will be shooting anything that moves..if not blowing them up!!

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Space exploration was such a waste. I'd just merc him.

Nice read.
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Schimmed OP's thread but there are two things i find awesome about the V-Project and the Nasa- project.

1. British pilots flipped over V-1 'Missiles' / Flying bombs with their wings.
2. The first few Nasa rockets were actual V2 Missiles. Pretty much the only thing that was missing from the blueprints was the Swastika wich they replaced the the US flag xD

Edit: Damn. Found it too intresting and i started reading it

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