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Devil Man X
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Apparently I am the only person that hates that dam outline.

So I've had this game for a long time and only just started playing it. I really like it. I only have 2 complaints.

1. I don't like the controller or keyboard controls. I like the controller movement but not the ability deployment. I like the mouse ability deployment but not the click movement. Anyone have an idea if I can get these to work together? I want to use my controller for movement but the mouse for abilities?

2. I seem to be the only person that cares about this stupid blue outline on my troops. I hate it. The game has some pretty good graphics but with this overlay it makes it look goofy and arcade like. I have googled my brains out and can't seem to find a way to turn it off. Can anyone help me here?

Other than those 2 things I'm loving this game. It is lots of fun and surprisingly varied for what should be so simplistic. Just a great idea and tons of fun to be had.
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