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Blur is one of the best games I've ever bought on Steam. The single player component is very good, and the multiplayer one too.
But it is absolutely clear that many people are chaeting.
I mean, I'm talking of people who can use like 6 or 7 times the same power up, or do things which are clearly not possible.
And I'm not talking about the rankigs, where you can see some odd results, which should be cancelled and the corresponding accounts banned from the game.
I don't why some people do like cheating, probably they are some young little boy who think these kind of things are funny. But in the end, they are just sinking this beautiful game.
This is a real pity.
What do you think?
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They are just lonely losers in the real life who doesn't even have a single friend. They are mad so they are relieving their stress by making sad of legit players in online games. Since this is a game ported from console the developers didn't probably think that there will be lots of cheaters in the game. But I'm sure that someday if they make a sequel to this beatiful game then they are going to take some drastic measurements againist pus*sy cheaters. You can't do anything about them other than some good legit players get together and gangbang them. You can see lots of videos like that where legit players tries to bully them but since they have infinitive possiblities in their hands they can still dominate the roads of the Blur world. They are conscienceless pus*sies because they don't have logic how it's sucks to be cheating even though they also paid this game. Even though they don't play good they are trying to take attention from others by cheating. But I know there are lots of good legit players who isn't good at this game but I really do respect them because it's really fun playing alongside them like AZ6ISO or Bruno. They are just playing this game for fun and this what is all about this game I'm just saying.

Lastly if you are suspecting that someone is cheating and since it's forbiden to make a cheater list on the forum then go to google or youtube, type "cheates name - blur" on the search section like this: https://www.google.com.tr/search?q=blur+fartknocker+cheater&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:trfficial&client=firefo x-a then you will have a video proff that this pus*sy is cheating and will be labeled as loser and cheater for the rest of her life and yeah we refer to those losers as "she" or "her" since they are pus*sies that is afraid to reveal their true identities on the internet and fight againist to legit players like us.

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